Is your child stuggling in school?

Are you concerned your child may have a learning issue or disability?

Are you unsure how to help your child reach their full academic potential?

The ABCs of Academic Success Course Transforms You and Your Child from Overwhelmed to Confident and Successful.

Empowers You to Effectively Support and Advocate for Your Child

Reduces Feeling Overwhelmed and Creates Confidence and Success for Both You and Your Child

Learn How to Identify and Manage Behaviors Associated with Learning, Attention, and Anxiety Issues

Provides You with Tools to Identify, Recognize, and Deal with Specific Learning Issues

Gives Effective Teaching Strategies for Parents to Work with Your Child

Models How Parents and Professionals Can Partner Together to Help Your Child Feel and Be Successful

Includes Sample Letter Templates to Seek Support and Ask for Help 

Provides a Glossary of Educational Terms so That you Clearly Understand the Conversations at School Meetings

Includes a FREE 15 Minute Consultation with Dana Stahl About Your Child on Skype, Zoom, Phone or Email

What parents and professionals are saying about The ABCs of Academic Success

If you're a parent looking for authentic solutions that work, Dana Stahl is like the Dr. Spock of Learning Issues. 

This is the most helpful resource I've ever seen and after raising a child with learning challenges, Dana Stahl is the person I recommend to address your questions and concerns. Her compassion and proven expertise is unparalleled! This course is both comprehensive and easy to use! Thank you Dana!

Pat Wyman

University Instructor, Reading Specialist, Parent of Child with Learning Issues

The ABCs of Academic Success is presented by an educator with considerable knowledge and many years of broad experience in the field. Writing as a former superintendent of schools, I strongly suggest that anyone who has a child with "learning issues" will benefit from the information presented in this informational webinar. As a child-parent advocate and author, Dana Stahl is a sought after expert in the field of learning issues and how to overcome them.

Dr. Robert Zeckhauser

Former Superintendent of the Pascack Valley Regional High School

This course assists parents in understanding their child’s learning issues, provides the necessary language to discuss these difficulties, and support them in working cooperatively with schools to ensure the best results for their child. Parents will find this an essential tool and resource, and will refer to it frequently.





Leslie Timme, M.Ed.

Elementary Reading Teacher

In the course, The ABC’s of Academic Success, Stahl masterfully integrates cutting edge theory and research, with years of professional experience, with her rich, insightful and compelling vision for enhancing the lives of children and adolescents with learning issues, by providing a springboard, which enables teachers and parents to easily locate, recognize and further pinpoint areas of concern.

As a result of the information embedded in this course, parents are able to peruse strategies for home and school and begin to learn to cultivate a common educational vocabulary that allows for special education team meetings to be more productive and better understood by parents, and prepares parents to be better able to navigate the special education maze by acquiring the knowledge to be true advocates for their children.

Ann Shofer,
M.Ed. Learning Specialist

Dana’s reputation as an advocate for people struggling with learning differences and the people who love them is unparalleled in this industry, but she didn’t just rest on those laurels — she actually became an author and created an on-line course so she could share her scientifically proven, factual and easy to use info with everyone! To me that is the definition of someone who took their own childhood difficulties (which she shares about on her website, etc.), turned her challenges into successes, has helped countless individuals since, and now, through the course, The ABCs of Academic Success, will be completely unselfishly helping total strangers do the most important things they can do for their kids, such as be prepared for school accommodations meetings, advocate for one’s self or ones offspring, and learn why schools do what they do.


Sydney Weiss

Addiction-Mental Health Certified Interventionist, Treatment Placement Consultant, Case Manager, Recovery Coach, Parent Effectiveness Trainer, Group Facilitator, New York Tri-State Area

What You Will Learn in

The ABCs of Academic Success

In The ABCs of Academic Success, parents learn specific, easy-to follow techniques, so they can effectively support and advocate for their children. 

Tools to Move from Feeling Overwhelmed to Confident

The tools included allow you to move from feeling overwhelmed to confident that your child is thriving with the right environment, with the best strategies and resources.

This course is more than just another informational guide on learning, attention, and anxiety issues. It is designed to help you understand the behaviors associated with learning, attention, and anxiety issues.

When you feel stuck by your child’s difficulties in school, because you don’t know what to do, this course provides you with a specific roadmap and precise strategies so you can act in your child’s best interest. 

Many parents are disheartened by their children’s difficulties to succeed in school. And as much as they want to help, they do not know what to do. The ABCs of Academic Success provides parents with tools to identify, recognize, and deal with specific learning issues!

I understand that it feels like you’ve tried everything - read books on learning, attention, and anxiety issues, reached out to your school for help and guidance, engaged academic tutors and service providers and yet nothing felt like it worked.

So What is Different and Why Will This Program Work for You?  

Instead of an expert who simply studied and repeats information to you, I lived the life your child is experiencing. As a child, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and I watched my parents not have the tools, resources or information they needed to help me.

That foundation, and my 35 years of professional expertise helping parents and children is exactly what gives me the unique advantage you need to help your child. 

Once I guide you through the course, imagine the confidence you’ll feel as you help your child. 

You will learn how to support and advocate for your child through the challenges they experience and give them the skills they need to succeed.

Your Child Will Feel Confident and More In Control of Their Own Life

Because I know first-hand how children learn and have personally used the exact strategies I share with you, your child will receive the compensatory strategies they need so they can actively participate in school, feel competent, capable, confident, and more in control of their own lives! 

When you work with your child, I know there are days that you simply feel like you could not help them. 

But those days are long gone once you complete this course. 

You’ll know the effective strategies you need to help your child with homework and understand why they experience challenges. 

Imagine how you, your child and your whole family will feel when their success becomes the norm in your home. Believe me - I know how this feels - it’s like miracles happen!

You Will Learn How to Partner with Professionals, Ask the Right Questions, and Design the Optimal Program So Your Child Feels Successful. 

There are sample letter templates on how to ask for help, where to seek professional support and a detailed description of diagnoses and treatment plans for children with identified learning disabilities.

Just as my parents ultimately discovered ways to help me reach my full potential as a dyslexic child, I was able to graduate from high school with honors and turn my own experience into one as a learning specialist which allows you to help your child reach their full social-emotional and academic potential.

My commitment and dedication to helping you understand how to help your child is the same high quality work I do in my private practice.

Finish this course and schedule a FREE 15 Minute, Personalized Educational Consultation with Me About Your Child

We can discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Academic Success Awaits Your Child

With my guidance, you and your child will feel successful as they reach their full potential. 


Dana Stahl

Your Learning Specialist Coach 

Instead of an expert who simply studied and repeats information to you, I lived the life your child is experiencing. As a child, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and I watched my parents not have the tools, resources or information they needed to help me.

That foundation, and my 35 years of professional expertise helping parents and children is exactly what gives me the unique advantage you need to help your child. 

Finish this course and schedule a FREE 15 Minute, Personalized Educational Consultation with Me About Your Child.

Watch a preview video of The ABCs of Learning Success

Learn More About Dana's Story

Dear Parents,

My name is Dana Stahl and I’ve been a learning specialist for over 35 years.

I more than understand your desire and need to help your child reach their full academic, social and emotional potential.

As a child, I experienced having learning disabilities in school, ( I was diagnosed as dyslexic) so I more than empathize the challenges and questions you may have about your child.

As a student with dyslexia I learned first-hand the obstacles facing students with any type of special needs as well as the frustration parents encountered because they had no information on how to bridge the gap between home and school.

What’s more, educators were often frustrated too because they did not have the tools they needed to support students with learning challenges.

So I entered the field of education to change this and make a difference. As an educational diagnostician and learning specialist for over 35 years, I work with families to help them to fully understand the results and interpretations of formal evaluations.

My work has been featured in media such as CNN, and in hundreds of parenting journals as well as on radio and television.

I work with children on developing their academic skill set and preparing them for their next educational journey. With an in-depth background in learning disabilities, I provide a wide array of academic recommendations and interventions to parents and professionals. As an educational consultant, my practice, Educational Alternatives, LLC, focuses on educational advocacy advice and school placements.

My course, The ABCs of Academic Success incorporates effective teaching strategies for parents to work with their children. Gone are the days where parents are unaware of how to help their children with homework, and understand why they are experiencing these challenges. This course guides parents in a step by step process that lets them understand the behaviors they observe in their children and what they can do to help!

The ABCs of Academic Success captures how parents and professionals can partner together to help children feel and be successful. I have designed this course to come up with solutions to creating a positive dialogue between the home and the school. There are samples letters on how to ask for help, where to seek professional support, and specific guidance how to effectively assist and advocate for your children.

As an person with a learning disability, a learning specialist who works with children, and an educational consultant who works with parents providing advice and advocacy, I am confident that the information you will learn from The ABCs of Academic Success will help you support and effectively advocate for your children allowing them to reach their full potential.

I look forward to speaking with you in the private, FREE 15 minute consultation at the end of this course.

We can talk about your child and address and questions you may have on zoom, skype, phone or email.

I’ll be with you every step of the way through the course, and it is through this team approach that together, we can help your child with learning issues feel and be successful, and delight in their academic success!


Dana Stahl, M.Ed.

Included with your purchase of the course is a FREE 15 minute consultation with Dana Stahl

This course is for parents who have children ages 5-13.

It includes 11 different sections allowing you to watch and learn at your own pace


A brief summary of the course and what you can expect to know after completeing it.

Lesson 1 Understand Your Rights Under Federal Law (3:05)

The evolution of educational law secured the rights of children with disabilities guaranteeing their families access to services, advocacy, and an equal footing in obtaining a free and appropriate public school education for their children.

Lesson 2 What is the Difference between a Learning Disability and a Learning Issue? (14:07)

Explores in detail the difference between the two and how they are treated differently under the law. Through an examination of definitions, we become aware of how a learning disability differs from a learning issue.

Lesson 3 How to Manage Parent-Teacher Conferences to Achieve Favorable Results For Your Child (6:08)

The importance of the dialogue between the home and the school. By developing a partnership with your child’s teachers, common goals can be established as well as strategies to work together to help them feel successful.

Lesson 4 How Can 504 and IEP Plans Help My Child? Which One do They Need? (7:21)

The distinction between the two and the reasons some children receive a 504 Plan, and some children receive an IEP. Both plans help to service children and allow for services and accommodations that will foster academic performance.

Lesson 5 Anxiety Issues (9:05)

Explores the angst some students experience with regard to academic performance and transitions. Anxiety issues are often not apparent to parents and teachers, but their residual affect is apparent as their academic performance is not reflecting with their potential.

Lesson 6 Attention Issues (14:00)

This section explores how attention issues can undermines performance because the student’s ability to concentrate and focus on specific tasks are compromised by not being able to remain connected to what is being said or to assigned tasks.

Lesson 7 Reading Skills (11:24)

Experiencing success in academic skills requires sound production and performance in reading, writing, and math. In grades K to 2, we learn to read. In grades, 3 to 8, we read to learn. The reading skills learned in elementary school set the foundation of content based learning presented in the middle and upper school years.

Lesson 8 Writing Skills (7:53)

Writing skills are developed over time after years of carefully crafted exposure and experience to language and visual detail. Just as a baby learns to crawl before it walks and runs, children need to learn to speak, and verbally express themselves prior to mastering written language skills.

Lesson 9 Math Skills (5:43)

In this section the relationship between conceptual understanding and computational accuracy will be explored.

Lesson 10 English Learners Face Additional Challenges (8:51)

Explores the stages of acquiring a second language, the misconception that English Language Learners are often labeled as Learning Disabled and how to manage the cultural biases on assessments and school placements.

Lesson 11 Simple Tips for Parents that Teach them How to be Effective Advocates For their Children (10:29)

Empowers parents to further their understanding in how to support and help advocate for their learning disabled children. The content provides tools and a means by which parents and teachers can work together helping children reach their full potential by encouraging them to feel successful.

Downloadable Resources

Available to all who purchase the course

  • Sample parent letter to request school evaluation
  • Glossary of industry standard educational terms
  • List of organizations and community resources.

Extra Bonus... A FREE 15 Minute Consultation with Dana Stahl

Course Features

Identify behaviors your child may exhibit indicating a learning issue

Understand your rights under Federal Education Law

Get the most out of your Parent-Teacher Conference

Is it a Learning Issue or Learning Disability? How to tell the difference

504 Plan or IEP... What's best for your child?

Helpful and useful tips for parents